AdrenaLinn Sync 2.0.3
by Roger Linn Design/Way Out Ware
(Roger Linn Design/Way Out Ware Website)
Owned by user Stacey

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Operating System:
File Size: 15 MB
License Conditions:

14 Day Full Feature Demo. Registration: US$99.00

System Requirements:

VST/RTAS/AU host application. 1 gHz+ mac running OS 10.4.11 or higher

Last Updated: 2010-10-16
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Software Description

AdrenaLinn Sync provides a variety of creative beat-synced filter modulation and sequencing effects, achieved by routing an LFO and 2-bar looped sequencer to control filter frequency, volume and pan. Version 2, completely rewritten in collaboration with plug-in developer Way Out Ware, greatly enhances filter quality, adds a new 3D-rendered UI, removes version 1's dependence on Pluggo technology and adds all new presets that spotlight the new sounds.


  • Lowpass, bandpass, highpass, phaser and flanger filter types.
  • Filter frequency calibrated in musical notes.
  • Tube-modeled distortion with separate pre & post filtering.
  • Peak limiter.
  • Beat-synced 8-bar stereo delay.
  • Sharp filter modulations without clicks or pops.
  • Snap To Scale, which quantizes the LFO or Sequencer signals to one of 14 musical scales for tuned resonant filtering.

AdrenaLinn Sync transforms your input signal--guitar, keyboard, turntable, loops, etc.--into dramatic rhythmic patterns of filtered, resonated, chopped, pulsed, spiked, sequenced, looped, delayed and otherwise manipulated tones. Examples include:

  • Classic guitar effects like tremolo, phasing, flanging and auto-pan, but moving in perfect sync to your music.
  • Looped, 2 bar sequences of filtered tones
  • Looped, 2 bar sequences of tuned resonances, emphasizing specific notes or overtones in your playing, in straight or swing timing. Think John Mayer's guitar sound on "Bigger Than My Body".
  • Random filtering, phasing or flanging, changing to a different tone every 1/8 note, 1/16 note or whatever note value you choose, in straight or swing timing
  • Chopped sequences: looped patterns of on/off switches--or volume changes--applied to your instrument signal, resulting in the real-time equivalent of sliced beats or loops of your instrument sound.
  • Tremolo sequences: Looped sequences of volume pulses at programmed levels. Think Green Day's opening guitar riff on "Boulevard of Broken Dreams".
  • And most importantly, mashed-up combinations of the above.
  • 128 user-editable presets, including 100 that truly show off the sonic capabilities and 28 blanks.

New in 2.0.3 Mac Version:

  • RTAS plug-in format (for Pro Tools) is added.
  • In Logic 9, sometimes Logic would crash when AdrenaLinn Sync v2 was loaded or when its panel was opened. This is fixed.
  • If a preset was selected and edited, then ASync2's settings were saved as a preset from the host DAW (not from within AdrenaLinn Sync v2) and later reloaded, the AdrenaLinn Sync v2 panel would show the original unedited settings. This has been fixed.
  • If ASync2's settings were saved as a preset with a new name from the host DAW, then later reloaded, the Preset Name field in ASync2's Preset Name display would not show the name of the saved preset. Unfortunately it is impossible for a plug-in to receive the loaded preset name from the host DAW, so now whenever a host saved preset is loaded, the Preset Name display on ASync2's panel shows "".
  • The pulsing LED in the LFO section would be off for negative output values of the LFO. Now, the LED is on for full positive output, half brightness for 0 output and off for full negative output.
  • If the Phasor filter type is used with high Resonance settings and the input signal contains a large amount of midrange, the filter could self-oscillate, corrected only by temporarily reducing Resonance to 0. This has been fixed.

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