AdrenaLinn Sync 2.0.3
by Roger Linn Design/Way Out Ware
(Roger Linn Design/Way Out Ware Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 10.8 MB
Price: USD 99
License Conditions:

14 Day Full Feature Demo. Registration: US$99.00

System Requirements:

1.5 gHz+ Windows XP, Vista or 7 system, 32 or 64 bit. Note: this is a 32-bit plug-in, which requires the 32-bit bridge found in most DAWs in order to operate.

Last Updated: 2010-10-16
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

This is the first version of AdrenaLinn Sync available for Windows.

AdrenaLinn Sync provides a variety of creative beat-synced filter modulation and sequencing effects, achieved by routing an LFO and 2-bar looped sequencer to control filter frequency, volume and pan. Version 2, completely rewritten in collaboration with plug-in developer Way Out Ware, greatly enhances filter quality, adds a new 3D-rendered UI, removes version 1's dependence on Pluggo technology and adds all new presets that spotlight the new sounds.


  • Lowpass, bandpass, highpass, phaser and flanger filter types.
  • Filter frequency calibrated in musical notes.
  • Tube-modeled distortion with separate pre & post filtering.
  • Peak limiter.
  • Beat-synced 8-bar stereo delay.
  • Sharp filter modulations without clicks or pops.
  • Snap To Scale, which quantizes the LFO or Sequencer signals to one of 14 musical scales for tuned resonant filtering.

AdrenaLinn Sync transforms your input signal--guitar, keyboard, turntable, loops, etc.--into dramatic rhythmic patterns of filtered, resonated, chopped, pulsed, spiked, sequenced, looped, delayed and otherwise manipulated tones. Examples include:

  • Classic guitar effects like tremolo, phasing, flanging and auto-pan, but moving in perfect sync to your music.
  • Looped, 2 bar sequences of filtered tones
  • Looped, 2 bar sequences of tuned resonances, emphasizing specific notes or overtones in your playing, in straight or swing timing. Think John Mayer's guitar sound on "Bigger Than My Body".
  • Random filtering, phasing or flanging, changing to a different tone every 1/8 note, 1/16 note or whatever note value you choose, in straight or swing timing
  • Chopped sequences: looped patterns of on/off switches--or volume changes--applied to your instrument signal, resulting in the real-time equivalent of sliced beats or loops of your instrument sound.
  • Tremolo sequences: Looped sequences of volume pulses at programmed levels. Think Green Day's opening guitar riff on "Boulevard of Broken Dreams".
  • And most importantly, mashed-up combinations of the above.
  • 128 user-editable presets, including 100 that truly show off the sonic capabilities and 28 blanks.

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