AdsynDX v1.01.03
by Andy Bridle
(Andy Bridle Website)

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Operating System: Windows XP
File Size: 4.9 MB
License: (All Shareware software)
License Conditions:

15 Day Trial. Registration: US$25.00

System Requirements:

DirectX v8.0 or higher and a Soundcard with appropriate DirectX drivers.

Last Updated: 2007-04-07
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Software Description

AdsynDX is a sound synthesis application for Windows XP; it creates audio waveforms using the methods of additive synthesis, constructing complex waveforms by adding together sine waves, of various frequencies and amplitudes, known as the partials or harmonics of the resulting wave. Any periodic waveform, i.e. a sound with pitch, such as that produced by a musical instrument, can be described by such a set of sine-wave partials, and the set can be derived from the original sound by applying a mathematical procedure known as the Fourier Transform. The relative amplitude of the various partials is a function of the acoustic properties of the instrument, and the way it is played. The dominant partial, known as the fundamental, is usually the partial with the lowest frequency, and is largely responsible for the perceived pitch of the sound. The other partials are usually harmonically related to the fundamental, i.e. their frequencies are integer multiples of the fundamental’s frequency. The harmonics, and their relative strengths and dynamics, give the sound its characteristic tone, or timbre. Additive synthesis attempts to recreate an instrument’s timbre (or create new, possibly non-instrumental, sounds) by adding and mixing partials.

AdsynDX allows the use of an unlimited number of partials (subject to memory constraints), and, with a suitable soundcard, can handle mono and stereo waves at sample-rates up to 96 kHz. In addition to simple sine waves, AdsynDX can create partials based on non-sine wave-tables, and partials containing one of two types of noise: random (or white) noise, and the more natural-sounding fractional (or pink) noise. Partials may be harmonic (i.e. integer multiples of the fundamental frequency), or inharmonic (producing non-musical or bell-like tones). Each partial’s amplitude is controlled by a fully-editable envelope, and a mixer section allows easy control of the partial mix. For 2-channel (stereo) waves, the partials on each channel can be detuned, and the phase of each channel adjusted, to produce dynamic stereo effects. AdsynDX will also create waves based on a harmonic analysis of an existing audio (.wav) file, and from recording sources connected to your soundcard.


  • Unlimited number of mono or stereo partials (subject to available memory).
  • Partials based on sine, fractional (1/f distribution) or random wave-table data, plus white and pink noise.
  • Harmonic and inharmonic partials with fully adjustable tuning and phase.
  • Preset sounds and templates offer an easy starting point for designing your sounds.
  • Intuitive graphical editing of amplitude envelopes, with unlimited number of stages.
  • Audio (.wav) files can be imported, and recording sources captured, to create FFT-based partial sets.
  • Playback and recording via DirectX for minimal latency; sample-rates up to 96 kHz.
  • Output audio data saved as standard RIFF audio (.wav) files.
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