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Last Updated: 2001-02-01
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Software Description

AlbumWrap archives allow artists to wrap an entire album into one neat file, while still providing relevant information such as title, author, bit rate, and album length in file searches and downloads.

AlbumWrap files are simple to make and easy to use. AlbumWrap allows you to select individual MP3 tracks from your album and wrap them into one file. This makes it simple for users to get a complete work at one time. It saves time in searching for quality tracks with the desired bit rates. It's fast, easy, and exciting (and the Extractor is free)!

Want to make your MP3-format music more accessible and convenient for listeners? Take a look at AlbumWrap, and make it easier for users to get their hands on your music... Don't make them search and download each track separately! AlbumWrap is easy to use and is completely compatible with the file sharing systems.

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its good

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