Algorithmic Composer v2.01
by Angelo Fraietta

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File Size: 6.74 MB
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System Requirements:

Minimum 32 MB RAM

Last Updated: 2000-02-22
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

Algorithmic Composer is a Windows based program that allows users to create musical textures and events by piecing virtual objects together with patch cables on the computer screen, similar to the way a person might join pieces from a Mechano set to create a truck, train, crane, ... etc. With the Mechano set a truck might be created by joining metal panels with bolts, adding wheels, windows, motor, … etc., which is just putting together pre-fabricated materials in a meaningful way to produce a desired result. Algorithmic Composer allows the user to create in a similar way by connecting counters, delays, metronomes, flip-flops, calculators, and other such devices. The user can interact with the program by using the mouse and /or a midi input device, and the computer sound card or an external midi sound engine produces the sound. Algorithmic Composer does not use a manuscript based representation, and so a person does not have to be able to read music to use the program.

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