Alpha Juno Control v0.9
by xmidi
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System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.2.3 or later,Roland Alpha Juno 1 or 2 keyboard

Last Updated: 2003-11-21
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Software Description

What is Alpha Juno Contol?

Great question, glad you asked. :) Well, for the five years that I've owned my Alpha Juno, I've loved the sounds it produces but have always detested its editting method. I mean, the LED display is nice and all, but using the Alpha Dial to get everywhere just drove me nuts. So I coded Alpha Juno Control. In short, Alpha Juno Control is a small utility app that will let owners of Roland's Alpha Juno keyboard control patch parameters via MIDI from their beloved Mac's (OS X).

Setting up your Juno:

Important Note: You must enable your Alpha Juno to receive system exclusive messages. This can be done by pressing the MIDI button six(6) times until the LED reads:


Now rotate the alpha dial until the LED reads:


Now save this setting: Press and hold WRITE, then press MIDI again.

New in this version

  • There are many new features but the coolest feature is the ability to map incoming control changes (CC messages) to the onscreen sliders.

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error message opening the app

I just tried opening this app and received the following message: "You can't open the application Alpha Juno Control because PowerPC applications are no longer supported". Would you be able to help me resolve this issue? Thank you...


YES thank you holy bejeezus it's free too.

Anyone having this problem...?

im using juno control on a dedicated lowend mac that i have,
basicaly ive got the powermac g3 running junoControl, which works fabulously
but im trying to send midi info so that i can map the controls on junoControl to
anohter midi interface, which works great if i Use my mk225-c evolution controller,
but if i use my akai mpd24,or anything passed to it from my edirol um880 midi junction box
everything works, except for that the juno1 seems to not receive the note off messages,
ive installed midi Monitor on the powermac g3 and i can see that the midi note off messages
are firing normally but, for some reason, the juno continues to play the niotes, even thru a preset change,
untill i power off and on the synth..

any ideas?

Changing parameter values does not work

My Alpha Juno 1 does not receive parameter settings I change in Alpha Juno Control.
Program Change works fine, Midi EXCL is ON on my Juno.

Midi Monitor shows that Alpha Juno Control is sending SysEx messages to the correct midi port.
I am also able to send and receive SysEx messages with SysEx

Anyone has an idea what could be wrong?

Thanks, Andy


Very useful i have wanted one of these for years

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