Altiverb 7.2.2
by Audio Ease
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The Audio Ease on-line store price is US$595.00 for the MAS-VST-RTAS-Audio Unit bundle. The HTDM-RTAS-MAS-VST-Audio Unit Bundle costs US$995.00

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Mac with Intel CPU, 2GB RAM, 1280x1024 display, Host Applications

Last Updated: 2014-05-15
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Software Description

Altiverb is a convolution reverb plug-in for Mac OS X and Windows XP.

It uses top quality samples of real spaces to create reverb, ranging from Sydney Opera House to the cockpit of a Jumbo Jet. Altiverb offers the most extensive set of parameters, it supports all professional plug-in formats including protools TDM on the Mac, parameter automation and surround. Altiverb gives you a choice between iLok SmartKey or Challenge/response copy protection, it lets you sample your own spaces (currently Mac only), and Altiverb is efficient on your cpu.

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New in v7.2.2

  • AudioSuite delay removed when selecting tracks with different track counts.
  • DP no longer crashes when editing/showing IR automation in track.
  • Installer improvement regarding a chmod.
  • SSE version logging.
  • Remembering of user IRs is working now.
  • Removed faulty AAX DSP versions in Altiverb in Pro Tools (Altiverb AAX DSP is not ready yet).
  • Better handling of speaker arrangements.
  • Short mute on stop removed.
  • Removed logging of OpenGL errors.
  • Some small optimizations in: resampler & hi-lores switch.
  • Some other small improvements.

New in v7.2.0

  • Various bugfixes
  • Performance improvements

New in v7.1.1

  • IR download fixed
  • AUVal validation in Logic for version number is corrected
  • AAX 32 bits (Please note: Altiverb 7.1 AAX now also runs in Pro Tools 10. It does require Pro Tools 10.3.8.)
  • Clear snapshot does not crash anymore
  • Installer won't change privileges for complete library & user IR folder

New in v7.1

  • New AAX 64 bit version for Pro Tools 11
  • Upgraded graphics for retina displays
  • 64 bits MAS plug-in for Digital Performer 8.

New in v7.0.5

  • Several bugfixes and stability improvements
  • Various host compatibility improvements
  • Option to turn off the Auto IR folder scan when switching applications.
  • Option to save a list with IR paths and hashes.
  • News and new IR releases notifications in Altiverb window.
  • Order of meters has been changed to L-C-R-Ls-Rs-Lfe in surround
  • Removed the deprecated parameter 'snapshots' from automation lists and added a warning in the snapshots screen

New in v7.0.4

  • download new IRs directly from Altiverb.

New in v7.0.2

  • Fixed backward compatibility Snapshots/Automation Preset Index
  • Browser User IRs only showing correct channel configs
  • Preferred IRs are remembered better
  • Fixed crashing installer when no internet available
  • Improved Reaper and Wave Editor compatibility

New in v7.0

  • New Look and Feel
  • Interactive EQ curve
  • Chaos modulation
  • Drag and Drop
  • Total Recall Automation
  • TDM simplified
  • Keyword Searching
  • Look and Feel
  • Picture Browser

New in v6.3.5

  • Fixed a crash in OpenGL.
  • Dry/wet mix settings are restored correctly (after a bug introduced in 6.3.3).
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