AmpliTube 3.7.1
by IK Multimedia
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10 Day Trial. Will emit a small noise, from time to time, once the 10-day trial period has expired. Registration: US$349.00

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Last Updated: 2012-03-08
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Software Description

As featured in the Amp Modeling Software Round-up on

AmpliTube is a software that models guitar amp and effects and is designed for guitar players who need affordable tone options and flexibility.

AmpliTube will give you the options to create useful tones that you need to get your music done as quickly and simple as possible. You can select from over 160 modeled guitar gears from Stomp boxes, Rack Effects, Amps and even Miked Cabinets. AmpliTube's unique DSM (Dynamic Saturation Modeling) technology bring you a huge selection that includes popular amp models based on Fender, Vox, Marshall, Mesa Boogie, THD, Supro, and more. You can pick from Stomp Box effects modeled after rare vintage gear like Arbiter FuzzFace, Ibanez Tube Screamer, MXR Dynacomp, MXR Phase100, Electro Harmonix Memory Man and more.

If you want to get every detail of your tone right, you can set up series/parallel guitar rigs via AmpliTube. You can also create hybrid amps by mixing each individual guitar amp components which are modeled separately. You can mix and match Preamps, Power Amps, EQs and Cabinets of popular guitar amps, to create unique hybrid amp tones.

You won't have to worry too much about setting up because AmpliTube has a natural organization and feel. It is laid out as you would a real guitar rig and no parameter is ever more than 2 clicks away. In addition, it comes with over 400 different programmed guitar Amp and Effects preset combinations that are usable and covers a lot of the famous signature guitar tones.

Here is a quick break down of what you can get with AmpliTube: You’ll get 51 individual stompboxes and effects, 31 amplifier preamp & power sections, 46 speaker cabinet models, 15 high end stage and studio mic models, and 17 post amp rack effects. And it doesn't end there because the latest AmpliTube is easily expandable with its new open architecture. Just go to AmpliTube's Custom Shop and select from available modeled gears that you can add to your rig. It's like having a guitar store right inside your virtual rig.


  • 5 separate modules: Tuner, Stomp effects Pedalboard, Amp Head, Cabinet + Microphones, post Rack effects
  • Over 160 included gear models
  • 51 Stompbox effects
  • 31 Amp models
  • 46 Cabinet emulations
  • 15 Studio Microphone models
  • 17 Rack effects
  • High-precision Tuner
  • Cabinet module with two freely movable microphones and cabinet size control
  • Room ambience with microphones’ stereo width control
  • Ultra accurate analog modeling with DSM technology
  • Ultra realistic cabinet emulation with VRM technology
  • 2 series/parallel rigs with 8 configurations, selectable mono/stereo input and true stereo processing
  • Drag & Drop functionality in the Stomp and Rack modules for quick effects re-arrangement
  • Advanced preset browser with guitar/bass dedicated keywords plus user keywords and smart search function
  • Global and single gear presets
  • Easy to set, one click best quality/performance settings
  • Host/DAW BPM synchronization
  • Freely assignable DAW automation
  • Up to 96 kHz supported sampling rate
  • Can be directly expanded with more “Powered by AmpliTube” software like AmpliTube Fender and Ampeg SVX
  • One click MIDI CTL assignment, compatible with any standard MIDI controller
  • Direct integration with IK’s range of interfaces/controllers like StompIO, StealthPedal, StealthBoard with zero setup needed
  • 4 track recorder/player with independent time stretch/pitch shift (Standalone version)
  • Non destructive recording allows post effect processing of the recorded audio (Standalone version)
  • 2 instruments can be simultaneously processed with independent audio settings (Standalone version)
  • Imports any Wav, Aiff, sd2, Apple Caf, Flac, MP3 audio file (Standalone version)
  • Metronome with selectable sounds (Standalone version)

New in v3.7.1

  • 35% RAM optimization
  • 30% CPU Usage optimization
  • Preset browsing via StealthPedal external switches
  • Better automation written from StealthPedal controller
  • Bugfix for JCA20 audio response
  • Bugfix for Four Track Audio Player crashes
  • Bugfix for Pitch Shifter Scale

New in v3.7

  • New Authorization Manager will automatically restore your purchases in the new version and allows for offline authorization
  • New Amps from Jet City: the JCA100H and the JCA20H.
  • New Amps from Custom Shop: German Gain(Modeled after Engl Powerball) ,
  • New Amps from Custom Shop: HiAmp(Modeled after Hiwatt DR103) and cabinet (modeled after Hiwatt 4x12)
  • New Mics : Bottle 563 mic (Modeled after Neumann CMV-563) and Tube VM mic (modeled after Brauner VM1)
  • Bug Fixes

New in v3.0.2

  • Various fixes on MIDI control.
  • Fixed a problem when importing some presets from previous "Powered By AmpliTube" products.

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Sound glitch

I use AmpliTube three in my studio and to play live. In the studio I use A Mac PC and it's perfect. When I'm on stage Inrun it on a Dell laptop running Windows 10. Every five or ten minutes the sound switches off for two seconds then cones back on. Two seconds doesn't sound much but in the middle of a solo in a crowded venue it's a pisser. Driving me mad!! Anyone any ideas? Has anyone else had it and cured it?. Obviously can't take my expensive iNac with twenty seven in screen on gigs. If can't sort it will sadly have to ditch fir pedals.

An artist would find this

An artist would find this post very interesting for the lesson delves deep in the technology to enrich music. Thanks. eat weight off


I own all of Amplitube software for guitarist (one word ) for this bad ass rocking great kick ass superb distortion sounds , there are some bad sound too , butt butt you can get a awesome sound im talking George Linch journey Europe Whitesnake Metallica great blues grunge classical well worth every dollar

i could never get these great sounds i got from a plain suck aa Marshall or the boss gt5 gt 8 gt 10 gt pro, i had owned all of them they suck compared to Amplitude 3 i was never happy with my sound before especially playing cover songs , now Im in heaven with a piece of mind , and it plays awesome on a cheap laptop for under 400.00 i have the new Compaq cq60-615dx its better then my 1,000.00 hp vista Im doing hard core recording on this and the wireless is the best i ever used or owned i have 3 other laptops the wireless sucks on them i get no signals or always blocked out , 2 months now not paying for Internet service and im in the basement and service is great on this cheap laptop , and its the best computer i ever owned now windows 7 kick aa .i burn DVD downloading 1.77 gigs with a download manager i browsing the Internet with no problems Im getting download speeds as high 340kb/s on free service , thats really great having no cable , another new Compaq dual core just came out for 400.00 at best buy this one i have has Intel Celeron , but i got to tell you its fast ,

im running hard core recording gear on this and it kicks butt just bought the new Drumagog it is awesome ,the sound quality is inedible , especially the bass drum if you break down a midi drum track all the parts from say like kansas the wall and convert them into wave files and run it threw Drumagog it will sound better than any drummer you would ever play with and sounds better than the original recording, and its only a midi file , the only thing its a lot of wave file to convert its alot of work and takes up alot but sound quality at the end is awesome, whats really nice don't tweak to headphones tweak ,play it live to your p.a system especially the bass drum and snare and you will have the best drum tracks anybody ever herd , i use guitar pro , you break down the midi drum tracks from a song in there you got to learn how to use real good it takes a little time but not to much , then record the tracks each piece into wave ,you might have 8 wave files i use 2 laptops and record into the other laptop Drumagog is awesome

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