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Operating System: Atari
File Size: 708KB
License: (All Shareware software)
License Conditions:
System Requirements:

FALCON advised for true color and DSP. TT with graphic card 32768/65536 colors advised. Other TOS machine with at least an 68030 and 2 Mbytes of ram (there is a risk of 3 bombs on ST(E) because of the large amount of compressions).

Last Updated: 2000-05-10
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Software Description

Aniplayer is a media player written entirely in assembler 68000 and DSP 56001 (for picture decompression).

Aniplayer can play and display

  • Sounds Audio Visual Research (AVR).
  • Microsoft RIFF-WAVE (WAV).
  • Apple Interchange File Format (AIF).
  • Real Audio (RA 14.4K and 28.8K).
  • MPEG 1/2 Audio Layer 1,2,3 (MP1/2/3).

A popup-menu appairs with a clic on right button, there are some importants features like informations about file, saving, the copy to Playlist, and the hidden function of MagiC.

The program supports the VA_START protocol. This enables you to load a movie by double-clicking on it (if Aniplayer is assigned for AVI/MOV/FLI/MPG/AVR/WAV/AIF/RA/MP/JPG) under the desktop. The program will start only once. AV_SENDKEY is also supported. Drag & Drop with window is possible. The program also works as a desk-accessory when renamed as *.ACC. Multitasking is supported as well as TTP mode with command line parameters with command line parameters

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