Antares Filter
by Antares
(Antares Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 6 MB
License Conditions:

10 daqy trial. Registration $199

System Requirements:

A host program that supports the appropriate plug-in architecture.

Last Updated: 2003-11-12
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Software Description

Antares'sFilter plug-in gives you everything you need to shape your tracks with surgical precision or animate them with an almost limitless variety of tempo-synced rhythmic effects.


At the core of Filter are four true stereo multimode filters that provide all the warmth and smoothness you'd expect from classic analog filters. With low-pass, highpass, bandpass and notch modes, variable cutoff slope, four independent delay sections, and a variety of filter routing options, you'll have the power to create dynamic filter effects that range from extremely subtle to just plain extreme.


Since filters sound the coolest when they're whizzing around, we've given Filter a modulation section that would make many a full-blown synthesizer jealous. Pretty much everything that matters can be modulated. Control sources include four multi-shape LFOs, four Envelope Generators with delay and hold times, two Rhythm Generators, an Envelope Follower and a slew of MIDI controllers. All routed through a Mod Matrix with more than enough patches to get yourself into serious trouble.


To really get you dancing, Filter includes two drum-machine style Rhythm Generators for loop-based grooves or complex polyrhythms. And to make sure everybody stays in step, every time-based parameter - from tempos, to delay times to envelope rates - can be locked to Filter's internal master tempo or your host's MIDI clock.

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