AntiLoop v7 923
by Matthew Aidekman
(Matthew Aidekman Website)

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File Size: 6.91 MB
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Please email author if AntiLoop performs poorly on your mac with osx installed.

Last Updated: 2004-08-17
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Software Description

Given a set of accents and samples (or midinote numbers), AntiLoop will generate ever changing beats. This puts an end to stagnant repetitive beats. The GUI is serious. Its this authors first public max msp patch, so please drop me a line and tell me what you think. If your into it, and your able, please donate.

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Can someone put up a mirror

Can someone put up a mirror to this? I really want to try it out...

Will NOT download!!!!

I can't download this app it just diverts to a page called: Welcome to What the hell is that? What a disappointment that is! Waste of time! Don't bother.

Re: Will NOT download!!!!

Ive spoken to the develper and they are currently re-writing the program, so a new download will be up and running in a few weeks time.

Doesn't download.

Doesn't download.

I love AntiLoop!

I'm running antiloop923 on a bondi blue imac running panther, creating beats using the demo sound bank and it sounds great. I have the mac running into a guitar amp using it as a drummer... AntiLoop helps make beats feel more alive! It take the rigidness out of beat creation. At first, the GUI was beautifully strange but antiloop comes with a thorough help guide. I would recommend this for anyone who is cool.

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