Aqualung v1.0-rc1
by Tom Szilagyi
(Tom Szilagyi Website)

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Last Updated: 2014-07-14
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Software Description

Aqualung is a music player originally targeted at the GNU/Linux operating system, also running on Win32.

It plays audio files from your filesystem and has the feature of inserting no gaps between adjacent tracks.

Changes in v1.2

  • Add support for custom playlist menu commands (via Lua extension)
  • Add ability to define custom remote commands in Lua
  • Add support for custom keybindings in the main window
  • Add a current_file() Lua extension method for the currently playing file
  • Add support for hooks for executing extension code when certain events occur
  • Add track_position_change hook
  • Add option to use cover art from external graphics file instead of image embedded in audio file
  • Add export track template flag %x for including original audio filename (without extension) in exported filename
  • Dialog boxes made non-modal for improved user experience and workflow: About, Export, File info, Search, Settings
  • File info dialog now has buttons to jump to prev/next track without closing dialog, makes editing multiple tracks' metadata much easier
  • Allow the ladspa plugin code to work on OpenBSD
  • Support multimedia keys
  • Support custom character encodings in metadata
  • Handle JACK disconnect more gracefully
  • Automatic save/restore of JACK connections to/from config.xml
  • Ogg stream metadata changes are really sent upstream. Track changes in Ogg internet radios are picked up by the GUI
  • Recognize audio/ogg as Ogg Vorbis streaming format
  • Seeking via arrow keys is +- 5 seconds regardless of track length
  • Resume alsa stream after suspend to ram
  • Add -b (--buffer-size) option to set ALSA output buffer size
  • Fix musepack replaygain values when using a recent libmpcdec
  • Build with current versions of ffmpeg/libav*
  • CDDA: add support for libcdio 0.90 API changes
  • Require GTK+2 >= 2.18. The Linux distribution cutoff era becomes something like: Debian 6.0 "squeeze" / Fedora 12 "constantine" / RHEL 6 / Ubuntu 9.10 "karmic"
  • Big overhaul of configure system (still using autotools, but much improved)
  • Fixes: memory leaks, regressions, crashes, etc.
  • Code cleanup: includes, macros, library functions, threading, portability
  • Documentation updates and fixes to the doc build system
  • Translation additions/updates: Chinese (simplified), Dutch, French, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian
  • Bugfix
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