Aradaz Maximizer 5 v.1.6
by Aradaz
(Aradaz Website)

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Last Updated: 2010-08-22
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Software Description


  • Maximize parameter
  • 2 speed types (normal and fast)
  • Attack and release characterization
  • Output parameter (never exceed 0 dB)
  • Sample rates up to 192 kHz
  • 64 bit internal processing

    Maximize knob is used to control the level of incoming signal.

    Character knob can be used to control the speed of attack and release value, for fast music with fast transient set this parameter at small value (0.02 - 0.3). For general type of music, 0.5 should be fine.

    Output knob is used to control the volume of the signal that passes the limiting stage. Set this parameter at -0.1 dB to -0.3 dB for a save audio master (mastering).

    Normal or Fast are types of limiting stage. Use Fast mode for a very fast music such as punk, metal or anything similar. Use Normal mode to keep the music dynamic but don't forget to set the Character knob properly.

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