Aspect 1.7.17
by Loomer
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Owned by user Stacey

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File Size: 14 MB
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User created Program and Bank configurations can be saved, but not loaded and Audio output will stop after 30 minutes of continuous use.

System Requirements:

VSTi/AU/RTAS host application. Mac OS X 10.4 or higher

Last Updated: 2014-10-31
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Aspect is a 32-note polyphonic software instrument. It combines a great-sounding subtractive synth engine with a versatile semi-modular architecture and simple, clean interface that allows practically anything to be used as a modulation source and destination.

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  • Flexible semi-modular architecture.
  • 2 analogue-style oscillators, noise generator, 2 filters, 3 envelopes and 3 sync-able LFOs per voice.
  • Unison mode allows stacking of voices for bigger sounds.
  • Intuitive interface simplifies building and understanding of complex patches.
  • MIDI Learn mode for easy integration with any MIDI hardware controller.
  • Over 150 presets.

New in v1.7.17

  • Installer and all installed components are now signed in compliance with Mac OS X's Gatekeeper system.
  • Bugfix for UI not rendering correctly on Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
  • Bugfix for minor memory leak in parameter names.
  • Native AAX 64-bit version
  • Bugfix for Polyphonic aftertouch now works correctly for all presets.
  • Keyboard entry of rotary parameter values.
  • The 32-bit and 64-bit VST plug-ins are now installed as separate components.
  • Significantly improved UI response speed; reduced CPU usage when parameters are automated whilst the UI is open.

New in v1.7.4

  • VU meters now automatically reset their overload status after a few seconds.
  • Preset Browser is now maximized to fill the entire plug-in window.
  • Clearer font in PDF documentation.

New in v1.7.0

  • Integrated undo and redo, with unlimited history size.
  • Mono legato modes, with selectable low, high, and last note priority.
  • Mono unison: stack up to five unison voices in mono legato mode.
  • Independent trigger mode for each envelope: retrigger, reset, or legato.
  • Category support in preset browser.
  • Increased filter cutoff modulation range.
  • CPU usage is now consistent when using the Mac OS X RTAS plug-ins.
  • MIDI Program Changes are now multi-threaded, and so will no longer potentially stall the audio synthesis.
  • Factory presets now load significantly faster.
  • Additional presets.
  • Various host compatibility fixes.

New in v1.6.2

  • Fixed: Issue causing a stereo Aspect VST instance to appear as two mono channels when routing in Renoise.
  • Fixed: In some circumstances, the current preset could still be marked as unsaved when saving it over an existing preset.
  • New: Factory presets can now be deleted.
  • New: Restore factory presets function to reinstate any deleted Factory presets.
  • New: Confirmation now required when overwriting an existing preset.
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