Atrise Everyfind v9.0.0
by Atrise Software Co.
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File Size: 2.9 MB
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Rgistration: US$99.95

System Requirements:

10MB hard disk space

Last Updated: 2007-12-19
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Software Description

Everyfind allows you to design a search engine script for web site, CD/DVD, MP3/OGG music and your PC. It can index 30+ file formats and generate multilingual ultrafast, powerfull and compact search engine with a nice look and feel.

Visual compatible with your design

This search engine contains 15+ professionally designed templates for creating your own search engine. You have full control over its appearance. Simply insert three HTML tags into a table in your web page.

Runs on any place

The web site search engine is based on JavaScript, so you dont need any special server-side programs to use it. You can place the search form on any web page and call this search engine as easily as a CGI script. You can also create search engines for CD and DVD, MP3 collections or portable users manuals.

Innovation techniques

Our search engine script is extremely small but powerful. We use intelligent size-saving algorithm to select right keywords from web pages so that you can easily balance the generated web page size with search relevancy. Is supported wilcard and boolean search.

Usable for your needs

Everyfind can index 30+ file formats including Microsoft Office files, PDF, RTF, audio files: mp3 and ogg. You can also manually add any links to any files, usenet groups, ftp resources and even email addresses. The program allows you to control rankings of the links you add. When the site is updated, you can synchronize the search database with just a few mouse clicks.

Usable for your visitors

You can group search links in different categories to let users narrow their search. The report is split into several pages, so that users wont have to scroll the browser window, if search results contain hundreds of web pages. Precision search with accurace hit calculation lets users find your pages quickly.

New in v9.0.0

  • Performance optimizations. The program and the resulted search engines are now compatible with very large links search (>10,000 links). The program is tested on a 25,000 links search engine. The search script is now 2 times faster;
  • Support of UTF-8 encoding. This mode is enabled by default, but you can also use old "system default" encoding mode after special modifications. See User's Manual for details;
  • Script compatibility is now: IE5.5+, NN4+, OP7+, FF1+. Older browsers: IE3 and NN3 is now not supported;
  • All templates are modified . They are now not compatible with older Everyfind versions. Update your search engine files and templates to be compatible with Everyfind 9;
  • Database file format is changed. Now the program saves a new file format version. But you can read old database files. You must update your database and search engine files (searchdb.js, evftp.js, evf.js) to use this version. To update your existing search database open it then save;
  • Indexing and searching information technology keywords: "c++", "c++0x", "c#", ".net", "com+", "2d", "3d", "4d", "", "c++/cli", "wi-fi", "tcp/ip", "x.509", "objective-c";
  • Programming language indexing mode, if a settings variable ProgrammingLanguageMode is 1. This mode switches special keywords search off and also enables search keywords in programming language sources.
  • Indexing keywords with "'" (example: "don't") is now improved. These keywords are now indexed without "'" (example: "dont").
  • Indexing of special code keywords is now improved. These keywords are now indexed without end chars: "-", "\", "/". Slash-based special code keywords indexing is added. Example: "ABCD\EFGH".
  • Keyword lists changes;
  • Program menu modifications;
  • Mp3 files without an ID3 tag are now indexed faster;
  • Multiple link items selection and operations;
  • Fast and smooth program views redrawing;
  • Bugfix: Incorrect link caption and related errors when updating a search database if the caption contains char "+" (plus sign);
  • Bugfix: Cannot access some local file URLs in Firefox;
  • Bugfix: Incorrect URL in all templates if links are not found. Also use %keysquery% instead of %keys% in your own templates to fix this bug in your templates;
  • Small bugfixes in the program core: showing "~", checking for incorrect keywords.
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