WMA WAV MP3 to Audio CD Maker
by Allok Soft Inc
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File Size: 1.58 MB
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Registration: US$19.00

System Requirements:

CD Burner. 128 MB RAM, DirectX 8.0 Runtime or higher

Last Updated: 2006-02-24
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Software Description

WMA WAV MP3 to Audio CD Maker is an powerful and simple-to-use application that allows you to create standard Audio CDs from existing audio files. Burn your favorite WMA MP3 WAV and OGG songs to create customized audio CDs for your listening pleasure. You can then enjoy them in your portable CD player or car CD player. With No additional temporary disc space required! No need to convert MP3 WMA OGG files into .WAV format before creation of your new CD, Make your own Audio CDs (CDRs) easily and fast.


  • Create standard Audio CDs
  • Supports MP3 WAV WMA OGG audio format
  • High-Speed CD Disc Burner engine Inside!
  • Support 650M(74 min),700M(80 min),730M(83 min 36 sec) discs
  • Support all CDRs
  • Support most IDE, USB, IEEE1384, SCSI CD writers.
  • Simple GUI and very EASY to use
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