AudioEdit Deluxe 5.01
by Mystik Media
(Mystik Media Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 5.88 MB
Price: USD 40
License Conditions:

Free use for 15 days after which you must register if you continue using it. Registration Fee - US$40

System Requirements:

Pentium-class Processor, 128 MB RAM, 20MB HD, Sound Card, CD-ROM Drive

Last Updated: 2010-10-11
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Software Description

AudioEdit Deluxe is a visual audio editor and converter software solution, which supports many advanced and powerful operations with audio data.

With AudioEdit Deluxe you can perform two-way conversions among CD, MP3, MP2, WAV, WMA, and OGG; open, create, and save audio files in any of the supported formats (can also save any portion of a loaded file to disk as a new file); display audio data waveform (Zoom Full, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Zoom Vertical); play audio files or any portion of the files (Play, Pause, Stop); record audio data from a microphone or any other available input device; edit audio files visually (Cut, Copy, Delete Selection, Crop, Trim, Paste, Paste From File, Mix, Mix From File); apply various effects (Amplify, Compressor, Delay, Equalize, Fade In and Fade Out, Flanger, Invert, Normalize, Phaser, Reverb, Reverse, Shrink, Silence, Stretch, Vibrato); apply different filters to any selected portion of audio files (Band Pass Filter, High Pas!
s Filter, High Shelf Filter, Low Pass Filter, Low Shelf Filter, Notch Filter); insert noise or silence into audio files; Insert information into audio files (Album, Artist, Copyright, Genre, Title, Year); complete, multi-level undo and redo capabilities; advanced, burn-proof audio CD recording; and much more.

The following audio formats are supported by the audio editing and playback module: WAV PCM; Compressed WAV (ADPCM, GSM, DSP, A-LAW, U-LAW, ALF2, and more); MP3 (MPEG Layer-3); MP2 (MPEG Layer-2); OGG Vorbis; VOX (Dialogic ADPCM); WMA (Windows Media Audio); AU (Unix Audio), AIFF (Apple Audio), RAW (PCM, A-LAW, U-LAW); CDA (Audio CD Tracks).

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tract copying

best way to copy a cd tract ?

music conv.

Can I copy cd tract without clicking sound ? PLEASE

Overlappig Songs

Hey! I was wondering if any of you guys know how to overlap songs. In other words have two dfferent songs, or even 3 different songs, or sound affects may it be, playing at the same time. If you know how to do it PLEASE email me at and the 0's in my screen name are zeo's not an o (the letter) Ok well THANKS!!


para mi es importante tener sofware para convertir de mp3 a wap y viceversa

Some ideas

Congratulation, AudioEdit is a cool SW, I like it very much. But there are some items I miss:
- "Stretch" should be splitted in pitch and tempo, but not both together.
- I think that there is a bug when you stretch a marked area, as it is applied only to a part of the marked area.
- All the feature should be customizable: How much to stretch, how much to delay etc.

When do you plan to release the next version?

Kind regards



Every time my daughter try to play games on, the sound does not work. I have deleted temp files and deletd history.

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