AudioFinder v5.7.2
by Icedaudio
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Mac OS X 10.6 or higher

Last Updated: 2015-11-18
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Software Description

AudioFinder is a program that helps you manage your sounds and sample libraries.

AudioFinder lets you look at what is already on your system's hard disks in unique ways so that you will find sounds that you never knew you had. It will ensure that all the audio on your computer is properly accounted for, which means better utilization and more resources for your music production needs. AudioFinder is simply a fast and convenient way to find and organize audio files.

Ask yourself what good is it to have thousands of sounds on your computer if you don't know what they sound like or where to find them? How does one tame a hard drive full of sounds and make them appear when called? Those are the questions that brought AudioFinder into being. There are a zillion different ways to use AudioFinder even though it may appear very simple, it is actually very smart. It does the monotonous tasks and scanning for sounds while you do the fun and creative stuff.

AudioFinder was designed for digital musicians to gain control over their sample library. The idea behind AudioFinder is elegantly simple - provide a user interface like the Mac OS X Finder that is optimized for browsing and auditioning audio sample files. AudioFinder can be controlled exclusively from the keyboard or by the mouse. By using the up and down arrows the user can quickly scan hundreds of audio files. When the user finds an audio file that they would like to use in a project they can either copy the file or refer (make an alias) the file to the favorites directory. When the user has found all the sounds they plan to use in a music project they simply go to the favorites directory and start work using their music program of choice. Double clicking on a file opens it in the preferred audio program as configured in the preferences.


  • Advanced and fast sound searching, scanning, and grouping
  • Comprehensive power renaming functions
  • Bookmarks, history, favourites, and navigation tools
  • Instant playback with mouse and MIDI input for pitch control
  • Integrated trim/loop/fade editor with beat slicer
  • Peak analysis and pitch analyzer tools
  • Drag-and-drop integration with Finder and all audio apps
  • Loop BPM detection with auto-rename
  • BPM tap pad, reference tone generator, delay calculator
  • AudioUnit preview playback and processing
  • Useful built-in DSP operations and effects
  • High-quality sample rate, depth, and format conversion
  • All operations available in automated batch processing mode
  • Auto-trimming audio CD sample extractor
  • VST/AU plugin manager and AU presets management
  • Generic sysex transmission and SMF playback
  • Create EXS instruments with one click
  • Supports ReCycle/REX playback and export
  • Loads fast, doesn't crash, and uses very little memory!
  • Formats: Apple Loops, AIFF, AIFC, SDII, REX, RX2, MP3, ACC, SYX, MID, and WAV

Audio Finder with Ableton Live:

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New iv v5.7.2

  • More updates to the UI theme.
  • Bug fixes

New in version 5.7.0

  • New darker UI theme
  • Hotfixes for 10.11
  • Bug fixes
  • Lisc. changes

New iv v5.6.11

  • Bugfix for crash when adding the Search Results from the Advanced Search Panel
  • Bugfix for crash when editing tags in the Metadata tag editor

New iv v5.6.8

  • Add .mov files with Scan Item Types should you need them
  • Bugfix for Sample Tool play button getting stuck on.
  • Bugfix for remembering the sidebar size when full screen.
  • Bugfix for Generate Libary Report.

    New iv v5.6.7

    • BWF iXML metadata display added to viewer.
    • Added “Play Sounds When Selected” to options menu

      New iv v5.6.6

      • Bugfix for Finder Selection Mode.
      • New Options Menu item “Play Sounds When Selected”

        New iv v5.6.5

        • Bugfix for mouse input bug on Cocoa AudioUnits.
        • Bugfix for dragging files onto the AudioFinder icon.
        • Bugfix for Dock Menu.
        • Bugfix for the Plug-In Manager (Disabling Plug-ins was completely broken)
        • Added “Start Finder Selection” AppleScript command.
        • Add extra AppleScript commands.
        • Various other Bug fixes

        New iv v5.6.4

        • Add Auto Updating!
        • various bug fixes.

        New iv v5.6.2

        • Bugfix for drag and drop regression.
        • Other bug fixes.

        New iv v5.6.0

        • OSX 10.9 support.
        • 64 Bit
        • Internal modernization of code to latest development kits.
        • New flat design skin.
        • Various bug fixes.

        New iv v5.5.9

        • BugFix for regressions in non-Retina display Macs after adding Retina display support.

        New iv v5.5.8

        • Added Graphics for Retina display support.
        • New easier to find Sidebar Icons.
        • Better sidebar organization more intuitive.
        • Added Dock-like drag-to-remove ability to the Sidebar to remove items.
        • Added Full Screen Mode for 10.7 and newer
        • Bugfix for a crash in the Sample Tool when exporting slices with corrupt values.

        New iv v5.5.7

        • Unlimited Audio Quick Looks, removed 60 minute limit.
        • New Audio Quick Look generation engine. More stable and dynamic.
        • Sample Tool behavior change.
        • Switched to single clicking folders in the sound list

        New iv v5.5.6

        • Mountain Lion bugfix for Sidebar issues
        • Bugfix for drawing glitch in sample tool
        • Caching of Scans added
        • Drag Scan or Scan Set Sidebar into Sidebar Group
        • Make Scan Set added to Context Menu
        • Scroll bar added to Sample Tool

        New iv v5.5.4

        • Added a text field for typing tags
        • Added new power user Preference
        • Added a preference to disable file management warnings.
        • Bugfixe for waveform preview redraw issue when renaming a file

        New iv v5.5.3

        • Metadata Database Relink routine added
        • New Convert to CAF function
        • New Save as CAF sample tool
        • Various bugfixes

        New iv v5.4.4

        • Bugfixes to make AudioFinder on Lion smoother.
        • Bugfixes to scanning or importing on Lion.
        • Fix for Lion double clicking Sidebar
        • Changed to GCD for threads for better performance.
        • Renamed saved “Libraries” to “Lists” to avoid confusion with everything else called Library.
        • Behavior change, if the Preference “Allow unlimited Miniview files” is enabled Audio will keep these files in a non-system purgable location instead of the default Caches folder.

        New iv v5.2.2

        • Bug fix where some column data could contain stale info - other minor fixes

        New iv v5.2.1

        • Bug fix for renaming a folder which could result in AF misplacing the Metadata for the files within.
        • Bug fix when using the Decoding cache with WAV as the default file format.
        • Made the minimum screen height slightly smaller for people on 13" screens.

        New in v5.2.0

        • User interface redesign. Added new unified Metadata View/Edit Sidebar and several other workflow improvements.
        • Metadata Edit's "Guess" key now works for multi-selections.
        • New waveform rendering style.
        • Added Miniview/List view Toolbar toggling button.
        • All new Sample Extractor HD now works with 16, 24 and 32 bit files.
        • Updated the Shortcuts Help Panel to reflect the latest.
        • Added a new user preference to opt into showing Audio Unit plug-ins and presets in the Sidebar (off by default)".
        • Added a new user preference to make WAV the default output format.
        • Fixed memory leak in the Sample Tool.
        • Fixed column truncation mode in the sound list. Will now show trailing "..." where applicable.
        • Spot to ProTools bug fix when two dual mono files are selected.
        • Added "Export Selection to Logic" to the Sample Tool.
        • Other bug fixes.

        Updates in v5.0.6:

        • Added Support for Spotting sounds to the cursor in Apple Logic 9 or newer.
        • Sample Tools now accept MIDI input for playing back at variable pitches/speeds. This is automatically enabled when a Sample Tool is front-most window.
        • Added import of "Hollywood Edge" sound library ".tab" files in the Metadata Database Manager.
        • Bug fix with Metadata Editor Templates. If a Template was applied to a sound already in the database the path could be reset to be AFMetadataStoreTemplate.
        • Metadata Database Viewer Templates have a new format, any old ones in use will need to be updated.
        • Fixed the Escape Key to end editing of renaming operation in the list view.
        • Bug fix – sometimes after renaming a file the keyboard shortcuts could stop working.
        • Bug fix AudioViewer shortcuts when detached (free mode).
        • Fixed a bug in the Folder Column Browser that only effected Leopard.
        • Other bug fixes.

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je veux essayer ce progam

je veux essayer ce progam pour organiser mes fichiers audios

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