AudioScore Professional v3.0.1
by Neuratron Limited
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30 Day Trial. Registration: US$199.00

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DirectX 8.1 or higher.

Last Updated: 2007-03-06
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Software Description

Highly intelligent AudioScore Professional 3 is the world's leading performance-based music notation software.

This means you can quickly and easily create scores using only your musical performance. Alternatively, manually create scores by manipulating a simple, automatically generated performance without the need for any musical knowledge. Find out why it is an indispensable tool for musicians of all levels:

  • Mic-to-Score Automatic Notation -
    Find it hard writing your compositions into Sibelius, Finale and other music programs? This could be your dream come true...
    Now you can quickly and easily create musical scores by singing or playing into your computer using a microphone (as well as MIDI instruments) - no prior musical knowledge required!
    Then, if you wish, you can transfer your compositions easily into Sibelius and edit them further! Alternatively save MusicXML, NIFF, MIDI and Wave files for opening in other programs such as Finale and Cubase.
    AudioScore Professional 3 uses highly sophisticated pitch recognition and rhythm analysis techniques to ensure it produces the highest quality notation and layout - with virtually no user intervention!

  • * Performance Trainer -
    Let AudioScore Professional 3 train you!
    By receiving instant graphical feedback about the pitch of your performance over time, you should easily see where you are making mistakes and improve while you play. Train yourself to sing and play perfectly in tune and immediately see your improvement on-screen.
    AudioScore Professional 3 displays pitch error clearly and even enables you to hear how you should have performed either as a MIDI instrument or using your original voice or instrument.
    Great for teachers and students alike!

  • Musical Intelligence -
    In addition to microphone, AudioScore Professional 3 allows you to build up a full score using MIDI instruments and uses the most advanced artificial intelligence technology to determine your intended rhythm and create accurate and musical score notation. This means it is now possible to input music much more quickly than using the input features of a conventional notation editor. What’s more, unless you really need it, the built-in metronome is not required!

  • Quickly create scores by hand - Even if you cannot read or play music!
    AudioScore Professional 3 also introduces the novel concept of 'serving' you a set of notes already input which you can then quickly split, join, resize, and change pitch, purely on a performance level - no worrying about rests and technicalities such as accidentals, augmentation, beaming, key signature, ties etc

  • Mic-to-MIDI Recording Device -
    Neuratron AudioScore MIDI Input allows you to sing or play directly into a notation editor or sequencer without the need for a MIDI keyboard. Simply choose the Neuratron AudioScore MIDI recording device in your favorite music program and hit Record! (Windows XP/Vista 32-bit only)

  • Wave, Score and MIDI Become One -
    AudioScore Professional 3 is powerful and versatile. Incredibly, at the same time it remains easy to use and excels by integrating the three main musical formats: wave audio, score notation and MIDI sequencing.

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Notation on different language/Format

Western musican are not aware that there are other forms of notations.
There should be facility in any notation softwares that each note could be replace with a particuler symbol of the musican choice or atleast by suitable other english letters
for example Instead of C there should be 'Sa',insted of D it should be 'Ri'-This is Indian form of Solfa notation mostly followed by all Indian classical musicians-If it could be done More suggestions could be offered and it would be a hot cake sales in India.


I would like to take a recording of a song I have written, record it and have a computer software program transcribe the recording into musical notation. Will this software accomplish this task?

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