Audio Wizard Pro Ear Trainer v1.2
by ReGo Media
(ReGo Media Website)

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File Size: 428.7 MB
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7 Day Trial. Registration: US$14.99

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Last Updated: 2007-03-01
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Software Description

Audio Wizard Pro Ear Trainer is a software course to train your ears to hear frequencies in audio. The course will train your ear to hear frequency changes & it's effects on recorded song tracks & instruments. Audio Wizard Pro Ear Trainer is made up of hours and hours of interactive audio ear training lessons & tests, which get harder with each lesson.

The lessons train your ears to do critical & intimate listening of audio. In the course you do daily ear training exercises and then a interactive test. You move on to the next lesson when you have mastered the lesson before. Training your ears to hear frequencies has many benefits which include improved recordings and mixings.

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