Audio CD Player
by John A. Junod

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Last Updated: 1992-10-24
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Software Description

This Windows 3.1 Audio CD Player is released into the public domain including all source code. The source code is my own based on what code there is in the Multimedia Programmer's Guide and Multimedia Progammer's Reference manuals. Initial code layout was created with Quick Case.

You can use this code or player for whatever purpose that you desire, however, I would ask that you give me some credit for what I did and also ask that you release your final product based on this code into the public domain and not include it in some funky shareware program and charge people too much for it.

The make file for this program is actually for MS-Quick-C as I just point my INCLUDE and LIB directories to the C++ 7.0 directories and do my development in Quick C.

This code may NOT be perfect and MAY not work for your CD-Player, or your version of Windows, or your compiler, or your computer, or your DOS (it does work for mine: home built 386DX-33, 8meg mem, Win3.1, DOS 5.0, no-name internal cd-rom, Quick-C 1.0, C++ 7.0, etc!).

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i need a psp media center somehow emailed to me for free. please help me out.

dl link?

Where is download link?





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