Audio Suite 4.20.3
by Dave McConnell
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Operating System:
File Size: 1.72 MB
License Conditions:

30 day trial period; Single-user registration US$ 100/UK£ 62. All functions are available at all sample rates and resolutions, however file saving is restricted for unregistered users.

System Requirements:

Intel Pentium 120MHz; 16MB RAM; Sound card (preferably Full Duplex)

Last Updated: 2002-01-25
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Software Description

Audio Suite is a fast, tightly integrated group of three Audio waveform processing programs which will turn your PC in to a powerful Digital Audio Workstation. Consisting of a Digital Mixing Desk, a Waveform Editor and a Format Converter.

Digital Mixing Desk (Real Time)

Works like a standard analogue mixer.
Apply real time Equalisation and Effects.
Mix up to 30 channels, (15 channels if all Mono, 30 channels if all Stereo)
Floating Point processing throughout.
Re-Dithering available for increased Dynamic Range.
Save both the resultant mix and the mixer settings for a later date.
Independent Left\Right volume control.
Delay the tracks to align correctly or create ambience effects.
Loop individual tracks, continuously or fixed number of cycles.

Waveform Editor

Editing: Undo, Cut, Copy, Insert, Mix, Trim, Delete, Replace, Append.

Tools: Equalisation, Invert, Mute, Normalise, Gain Adjust, Remove DC offset, Pop Removal Noise Gate, Compressor, Temporal Averaging, Filtering, Graphic Equaliser, Fade In, Fade Out, Ramp.

Effects: File Multiplier, AM, FM, Enhance, Reverse, Time Compress\Expand, Delay, Echo, Flange, Phaser, Reverb, Vibro.

Special Tools : FFT, Spectral Averaging, Power Spectrum Analysis, Noise Reduction, DTMF Identification. plus: Experimental Beat and Note Extraction routines.

Additionally for stereo tracks only: Cross fade, Bouncing cross fade, channel splitting.

Format ConverterConvert from one set of frequency, resolution and channels, to another. Anti-aliasing and noise reduction filtering available to minimise conversion artefacts. Quick comparison with original and other conversions allows fast determination of the required setting. File formats supported - WAV, AU, AFF, AIF, IFF, VOC.

All components of Audio Suite v3.12: Floating Point internal processing throughout, for superior quality. Support for 8, 16, 17 - 24 bit and Floating Point data files. Support for Sample Rates up to 96kHz. The processing is now done in a Threaded manner which should now be Windows NT compliant

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Re: zip

: how do you un zip a file in win98?

you have to get a program called Winzip ( install the program. when you download a .zip file, the program will come up. press I agree from the main menu and click on extract. choose where you want the files to go, and press enter.

Playback & Punch-in

Please, does anyone know of any software (preferably shareware) that will allow you to listen to tracks you've already recorded while recording at the same time? Much like punch-in at the recording studio.

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