Audiopimp MP3 Manager v2.5
by John O'Donald
(John O'Donald Website)

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Operating System: Windows 2000/NT/98/95
File Size: 3.0 MB
License: (All Shareware software)
License Conditions:

30 Day Trial. Registration US $19.95

System Requirements:

MP3 player Winamp is highly suggested

Last Updated: 2002-02-18
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Software Description

Store references to thousands of music files and access them in seconds

  • Store album cover images
  • View statistical information about your MP3s
  • Filter songs based on album - artist or genre
  • Rank songs on a numeric scale
  • Edit ID3 tags for as many songs as you like at one time
  • Detect incomplete or partially downloaded MP3s using file size criteria you determine
  • Create samples of MP3s of any size
  • Create playlists & choose song order
  • Built in file renaming utility (remove all underscores, change case)
  • The ability to use existing ID3 Tags to create new file names
  • Built in Web-Page creation utility
  • E-mail MP3s directly from the program
  • Sort by MP3 name, file size, last modified, path, title, artist, album, year, comment and genre
  • The ability to view the MP3 Info, such as bit-rate, length, audio
  • Works seamlessly with your existing MP3 Player (Winamp is highly suggested)
  • The ability to search every drive attached to your computer at once
  • Search Entire drives or folders for MP3s in seconds
  • Ability to browse networks and search other networked computers
  • The ability to save the results of lengthy searches off-line to review at a later time
  • The ability to scan a list of songs for duplicates
  • Drag and Drop functionality, just like in Explorer
  • Create printouts of song lists
  • Export song lists in text delimited format to import into Excel or Access

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Mp3 Manager

Maybe I'm stupid but I can't get this program to do anything. It's one of the most non user friendly pieces of software I ever encountered, and it doesn't even include directions.

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