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16bit soundcard for input

Last Updated: 2001-11-01
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Software Description

This freeware program lets you automaticly count tempo of music from a wavein device (line-in and CD).

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Anything better than AutoBPM yet?

I've integrated AutoBPM support into MP3-Boss because it works so well -- adding real-time statistics so that it only updates the BPM for songs that show stable readings -- this makes it less likely that you'll get a BPM for speech or orchestral music.

However, on some systems, AutoBPM is a pain to setup -- because it looks at the Wave data it means that it is sensitive to the playing volume (at least on some systems), and I'm not sure it is possible to get AutoBPM to work with every music card driver. I have had to reset to 'default settings' to get it to work with Creative Soundcards, and it doesn't seem to be working on my new VISTA computer.

Any weblinks that describe AutoBPM problems and solutions?




AutoBPM is the best I've seen.

This is the best BPM counter I've ever seen! It catches beats that BPM Wizard from djmixpro doesn't! The graphic display is sensible and aesthetically pleasing.

And BPM Wizard has all sorts of quirks like using up all available CPU and dying if you lock the screen.

Highly recommended.


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