AutoSampler v1.5
by Redmatica
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Registration: EUR 100.00

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Last Updated: 2007-01-12
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Software Description

AutoSampler is the revolutionary software dedicated to the automatic advanced sampling of instruments responding to the midi protocol. Designed to be a creative tool for bridging the gap between high quality hardware synths and the virtual studio world AutoSampler creates ready to play Exs24 instruments just by connecting your mac to a sound source controlled by midi. Through the use of a suited host program as Logic, it’s also possible to sample virtual instruments complete of all their host fx processing.

The more advanced features let you create instruments that switch/fade between keymaps sampled with varying synthesis parameters. It’s also possible to create very complex sounds from multiple synth sources, using graphic mix volume envelopes to dynamically composite the different layers of sound.

At the end of this process, ready-to-play Exs24 instruments (and relative samples) are automatically created. AutoSampler also supports sampling of midified acoustic pianos.


  • Multisample multivelocity sampling
  • Multidimensional sampling
  • Creates ready-to-play Exs24 instruments without requiring specific user action/editing
  • Midi layers vectorial sampling mode for advanced sound design
  • Randomize and tweak functions for creating/modifying the envelopes.
  • Automatic sampling with specific normalization modes, limiter, truncation, trimming, audio overload protection, release time detection, custom velocity maps
  • Can sample whole banks of synth patches
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