AutoTagX v3.00
by Mark Malson
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Will start to nag you after you tag a few files or folders, and it will eventually expire unless it is purchased. Registration: US$12.95

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Last Updated: 2008-05-20
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

If you are like me, you have a few opinions organizing your MP3 files. For example, I like all the tracks from a CD put put into their own folder, and the file names must be in track order but still be meaningful, etc. etc. And every file MUST be tagged accurately!

iTunes helps when ripping CDs by creating a folder/file hierarachy and tagging ripped files. But even iTunes' naming is inflexible, and it doesn't go far enough sometimes, especially with file naming.

What's worse, if you downloaded the files from the Internet, who knows what state the tags are in. Usually they're a mishmash - different bitrates, some tagged, some not, different variations of the album or artist name (boy does THAT throw off my Rio Digital Audio Receiver!) -- you name it. Retagging them can be time-consuming, and in the grand scheme of things, it's not important enough to spend much time on. And sometimes you get files that have no tags at all! Now you have to visit or someplace just to get the data to create tags! What a waste of time.

AutoTagX solves these problems. It offers a way not only to consistently tag all your files, but it also accesses the FreeDB database so you don't have to type in any titles. If you take 5 minutes to tag files from a disc, this will save about 4 of those minutes.

New in this version:

  • Added support for cover art. Cover art images are automatically retrieved from internet databases, or can be retrieved from image files in the album forder, or can be dropped on to the document window. Allows you to specify a maximum size for the image, and whether to store it in the tag or a separate file.
  • If you hold down the option key while dropping your album or song on the icon, the internet search is bypassed. This allows you to just look at or clean up tags more quickly.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented FreeDB searches from succeeding if there were special characters such as parens or quotes in the search terms.
  • Removed articles (a, an, the) from search terms. Makes searches go better.
  • This is a FREE upgrade to all users.
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