ID3 Intelligent Tagger v2.3
by Sateu Metro
(Sateu Metro Website)

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Windows 95/98/NT

Last Updated: 2001-10-09
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Software Description

It's a free utility that lets you add ID3 tags to every MP3 files in a folder. Choose the directory that contains your MP3 files, then pick from one of three ways the MP3 files are formatted. Type in any extra global information, if any, you'd like to apply to the ID3 tags such as year, genre, and comments. Then when you press the Go button, the program collects information from the file names, and adds ID3 tags with the collected information to all MP3 files in the chosen folder and its subfolders.

  • Major bug fixes, all v2.2 users are strongly recommended to upgrade
  • Fixed the bug by which large filenames(more than the tag field could hold) were being written without length check, causing tags to overlap or apparently "carry over" to the adjacent field.
  • Accordingly the massid3lib has been updated to v1.1
  • Fixed the bug by which recurse subdirectory check option was being enabled by default internally causing all subdirectories to be tagged.
  • Fixed the bug by which default custom format was not disabling its relevant windows.
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