Auto-Tune Evo v6.0.9.2
by Antares Audio Technologies
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Last Updated: 2009-08-05
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Software Description

Auto-Tune Evo (formerly Auto-Tune) is a multi-platform plug-in that corrects intonation problems in vocals or solo instruments, in real time, without distortion or artifacts, while preserving all of the expressive nuance of the original performance with audio quality so pristine that the only difference between what goes in and what comes out is the intonation. Over a typical pitch correction range, it is simply not possible to tell that a sound has been processed, except that it is perfectly in tune.

Automatic Mode

Most common pitch problems can be corrected by Auto-Tune 4's Automatic Mode. Automatic Mode instantaneously detects the pitch of the input, identifies the closest pitch in a user-specified scale (including minor, major, chromatic and 26 historical and microtonal scales), and corrects the input pitch to match the scale pitch. A Retune Speed control lets you match the retune rate to virtually any performance style.

Graphical Mode

For meticulous tweaking, the Graphical Mode displays the performance's detected pitch envelope and allows you to draw in the desired pitch using a variety of graphics tools. This mode gives complete control over the correction or modification of the most elaborate expressive gestures.

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auto tune here with T-pain voice

now all the instruction how to make your voice like T-pain and download links here in this blog:



Askin' Something



How do you connect a mic with an xlr lead to a PA mixer via a computer to enable you to use auto tune for a live performance?

wat is it exactly???

is this just a normal program where u sing into a microphone and it fixes up ur voice.
plz answa ASAP

No, it can edit and sound

No, it can edit and sound file, so yes, singing I guess, to correct the pitches, or give it that T-Pain techno effect.

Yes - you can use it to fix

Yes - you can use it to fix up your voice, and you can also use it to create some cool vocal effects


the reason is that you need to download a vst plugin enabler and put it in the right folder then install the AutoTune download Virtual DJ

Did you hear about auto-tune on x factor?

I just heard on the news that the X-Factor has been using auto-tune on the show - so much for it being a genuine singing contest!


This will not work for audacity. The below link will show which Host programs can and can not run this. Thats too bad for me because I use Audacity.

It does work in Audacity!

It does work in Audacity the reason is that you need to download a vst plugin enabler and put it in the right folder then install the AutoTune Plugin


Is this version compatible with vista 64 bit system? I would like to get this plug-in but have had trouble using it with my system.

Im running Adobe Audition 3.0 with updated asio drivers, it installs correctly and shows up in my VST list to use. Lets me open it and everything but as soon as I go to record audition freezes up and crash's.

Any info on this would be appreciated!

Re: Compatible?

Detailed list of specs is available at:

a.k.a "no"

a.k.a "no"

How much?

Does it cost anything? Also will it mess up the laptop?

Re: How much?

Visit for pricing information!

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