BIAS Peak TDM 2.6
by BIAS Inc.
(BIAS Inc. Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 25.2 MB
License Conditions:

Fully functional for a 14 day evaluation period.

System Requirements:

PowerPC, G3, or G4desktop Apple Macintosh or PowerBook, Macintosh OS 8.6 minimum, 64 MB RAM, 20 MB available disk space, QuickTime 4.0 or later, Apple Sound Manager 3.3

Last Updated: 2002-01-01
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

The ultimate editing suite for Pro Tools TDM users offers a powerful mastering environment for your TDM Plug-Ins. Chain multiple TDM Plug-Ins together, adding countless effects in real-time to your stereo mix. Peak TDM takes full advantage of the processing power of your Pro Tools system. You get all the features of Peak VST, plus integrated support for your Pro Tools system.

No other 2-channel editing solution gives you the power of Peak. Using our most popular version, Peak 2.6, you can edit and process audio in a fraction of the time required by competing systems. Unlimited levels of undo and redo give you the freedom to create, without the fear of harming your original file. Extensive Plug-In Support.

When it comes to plug-in and recording/playback options, Peak has you covered. Peak supports multiple plug-in formats - including VST, real-time Premiere, and Audiosuite. Peak ships with over 25 free VST plug-ins, and works seamlessly with any ASIO or DAE compatible hardware card. Peak can also be used with your PowerPC, G3, or G4's built in audio I/O.

Peak is the perfect editing companion to DVD and high-end digital audio workstaions - including Final Cut Pro, iDVD, Avid, Media100, and others. Peak maintains pristine audio quality by supporting higher bit depths - even up to 32 bits.

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Peak TDM

I use mostly samples from CD and then create the brakes/fills. I wonder if is possible to shuflle the single hit (kik, snare ecc.) inside Peak.So to create a new fill using the same sound of the sample by rearange them.
Mario Gabrielli

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