BMS Business Music System
by NCH Swift Sound
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Operating System:
File Size: 2.2 MB
License Conditions:

Single User: maximum 100 music tracks, maximum 8 user announcements, FREE ,Single User: unlimited US $43, Australia $85, Professional Business: unlimited incl. matched I-Producer Key 3 months tech support US $64, Australia $125

System Requirements:

Sound Card capable of 16 bit 44,100Hz Stereo playback, Pentium 233MHz or above, Hard Drive at least 100MB, CD-ROM Drive, Suitable connectors to connect to the PA Amplifier, [Optional] Additional Sound Card for audition play

Last Updated: 2000-09-01
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

The BMS Business Music System is software that runs on Windows computers as a powerful hard disk based background music player. By using off the shelf computer technology, a complete professional background music solution can be affordable for your business.

The BMS is designed specially for business background music and announcements. The full list of features are designed to do exactly what you need to do, without the gimmics. Most importantly the BMS is easy to use and can be installed and running in just a few minutes.

The BMS features:

  • Automatic music selection and mixing according to set rotation rates and day-part scheduling
  • Auto-playing optional recorded announcements at set times or at specified intervals in addition to manual user-play announcements
  • All users on the computer network can play and even make announcements at their desks using IAPremote
  • Optional microphone connection with automatic music fade when plays or microphone page is activated
  • Date, time and day of week music track and announcement validity checking
  • Automatic time of day volume changes (when, for example, your business might be noisier)
  • Optional password protection when you need to restrict access some functions
  • Adjustable music / announcement volume balance (so the announcements can be louder than music)
  • Digital signal processor included within the software includes a dynamic range compressor and an active EQ for great quality sound. (These alone can save you thousands of dollars in audio system equipment)
  • Supports most wav file formats and MP3
  • Automatically load ("rip") tracks from CD
  • Load prepacked BMS compilation CDs which can contain up to 100 music tracks each
  • Supports I-Producer automatic online announcements updates if you have a studio which records your professional voiced announcements
  • Supports online music subscriptions to automatically download new music every day
  • Store up to 4000 music tracks (more than the average radio station)
  • Mixes music tracks seamlessly with automatic cue-in and cue-out time scanning
  • Complete logs of all music tracks and all announcements played
  • Simple, user-friendly operation for use on a day-to-day basis

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Blew our Sound System

Be extremely carefull of connecting this software to your sound system. It has blown our $25 000 sound system. I cannot recommend it at all!

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