BeatForce v0.2.0
by John Beuving
(John Beuving Website)

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General Public License

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Last Updated: 2004-07-16
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

A computer DJ system for two players with independent playlists, song databases, mixers, samplers, et cetera

The user interface and all widgets are designed from scratch and easily support theming and layout changes. Themes are written in XML. The user interface uses SDL as draw library.

BeatForce supports MP3, OGG and CDDA input. Due to the plugin concept of BeatForce new formats can easily be added by simply writing a plugin.

The CDDA plugin also support CDDB queries to find title and artist of cd's which are currently playing. The song archive support multiple playlists, which can be changed by clicking on a tab. When closing beatforce the database will be stored as a XML file on the filesystem.

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Can not be downloaded!

Hi, can not downloaded, in Mandriva too Windows. Why please.

Re: Can not be downloaded!

I dont quite understand what you are saying and why you are mentioning Windows as BeatForce is a Linux application.

Install manual

I would love to get y hands on this app, but after downloading a script kiddy like me is lost.

Please help, I will have to switch to Billy soon otherwise....


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