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Last Updated: 1993-06-04
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Software Description

BeatIt32 is a utility which I wrote to use with my Roland MPU-401 and an Mt32 sound module. (It will work with other drum machines). What I have tried to do is to make basic drum patterns easier to set up. (Also it is possible to record them with a sequencer set to External Sync)

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Don't even waste your time...

Like most of the stuff on here, this program is a complete waste of time. Drummer is a demo and requires a mouse - hello, people, a mouse on a DOS machine with CGA being used for music? If we wanted mice, we'd use something better! BeatIt32 has terrible behaviour but doesn't even work with my SCC-1A, promptly forgetting the whole sequence even when I save it and appearing to be written in BASIC, and pretty much everything else I've tried from this site for Mac or PC has either had broken links or been useless!


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