Wave MP3 Editor v11.7
by Code-it Software, Inc.
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10-use Trial Period. Registration: US$24.95

System Requirements:

Sound card

Last Updated: 2007-10-01
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Software Description

Wave Editor is a complete wave editor and recorder. Wave Editor makes editing WAV files as easy as editing text with its clear user interface and powerful effects. Our wave form editing window allows you to find the part you want to edit quickly.

With Wave Editor you can edit WAV files you download from the internet or record your own audio files from any source your computer supports. Plug in a mike to record voices or acoustic performances, connect a tape deck or turntable to the line input on your sound card, or record the output of a software MIDI wave table synthesizer.

New in v11.7

  • Completely new playback "engine" (supporting dll files) - even different then the one used in v11.3 - which I'll have to admit was a little flakey, at best, as it had to create a temp file to work.
  • Completely revised the playback functions of the Editor and Mixer to make Vista compatible
  • Revised/ added a completely new type "Chop by Sound" method
  • Revised/ added a completely new type "Chop by Silence Detection" method
  • Added a "Silence Stalker" tool - chop file by detecting silence
  • Renewed "Web Speakster" as a tool
  • Renewed "Kick'n Mixer" as a tool - completely revised the playback function with a new "playback engine" to make Vista compatible
  • Added a "real time" Equalizer - change values while playing the file within the editor: option to set values too if you like what you hear!
  • Added the option to set values to effects within the "Auto Pilot" batch tool so you don't have to settle for my default values (some times the programmer does NOT know best!)
  • Smashed several bugs found and/ or reported.

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