CDTOOL 2.1.5
by Wade Hampton

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System Requirements:

Linux X86, CD-ROM

Last Updated: 1998-07-16
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

A package of command-line utilities to play and catalog audio CD-ROMs. cdplay, cdpause, cdstop, and cdeject do what they say. cdir lists the tracks and their lengths, and will reference a database of cd names, artists, and track names. cdinfo gives you various data on the disc like time played, etc. cdshuffle randomly plays tracks. cdown reads track info and queries the CDDB database for info on the current CD (for cdir, etc.). (This is 2.1 Beta 5 and feedback is WELCOMED. We have been using this for several months). cdshuffle is new and is by Daniel Risacher . The original authors are Thomas Insel and Sven Oliver Moll.

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