CL-Amp v3.6 (PPC)
by Claes Löfqvist
(Claes Löfqvist Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 729K
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Last Updated: 2000-10-01
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

  • Can play mp3 (also variable rate), midi, mod, mtm, wav, aiff, snd, au, 669, amf, dsm, far, gdm, it, imf, med, m15, stm, stx, s3m, ult, uni, xm.
  • Support for playlists from APlayer, SoundPlay and WinAmp.
  • Fade in, fade out and cross fading.
  • Equalizer
  • Save the audio to wave files
  • Supports id3 tags including editing.
  • Shade mode
  • Double size mode
  • Show played time or remaining time.
  • Playlist like WinAmp 2.x
  • Easy to change skin
  • Drag files or directories to the main window and they will be the actual play list and play is started
  • Drag files or directories to the play list window and they will be added to the actual play list. Playing is not initiated.
  • Start CL-Amp from a shell and give songs as arguments and they will be played.
  • Volume bar
  • Position bar
  • Speed bar (automatic snap back to 100% is available)
  • Shuffle mode
  • Repeat mode
  • Spectrum analyzer.
  • Volume analyzer when the player is in shade mode.
  • The play list can be docked to the main window.
  • ShoutCast and streamed audio.
  • Plugin support
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