CS-80V 1.5
by Arturia
(Arturia Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 13.5 MB
License Conditions:

Demo vers: The saving of presets has been disabled, The exportation and importation of preset files have been disabled, A regular white noise will be heard while using the demo version.

System Requirements:

G3 500 MHz or greater, 128 MB of RAM minimum, Sound card compatible DirectX or ASIO

Last Updated: 2005-06-01
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

The CS-80V is the reproduction of the legendary Yamaha® CS-80, which is considered by many as the "ultimate polyphonic synthesizer".

More than 25 years after its release, the time has come to rediscover a sound that has extensively contributed to the history of music...

In 1976, Yamaha introduced the CS-80. The price tag ($6,900) put it out of reach of most musicians, and the weight (220 lbs or 100 kg) made it sometimes hard to use on the stage...But the qualities of the CS-80, considered as Japans first great synthesizer, made it immediately famous in the music industry.
The CS-80 was popularised in the late 70's and early 80's by artists and groups like Toto, Jean-Michel Jarre, Keith Emerson, Stevie Wonder or Vangelis, who helped to turn this synthesizer into a real myth.

The CS-80V offers all the features of the original synth, plus a new generation of innovative features, taking the original design to a new elevated level:

  • A modulation matrix
  • A multitimbral mode
  • An arpeggiator

But is the sound of the CS-80V really close to the original? We would tend to say yes, as the synthesizer is based on TAE®, the proprietary technology developed by Arturia, and already successfully used in the Moog Modular V.

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