Canta v1.5
by Chaumet Software
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Operating System:
File Size: 806 KB
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Registration: US$45.00

System Requirements:

Sound Card and External Microphone.

Last Updated: 2008-05-07
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Software Description

The principle of Canta is simple and powerful: you choose a song to work and you load the corresponding MIDI file into Canta. Canta plays music and shows the notes of the melody that you must sing. When you sing, in real time, Canta analyses and measures the frequency of your voice, and it shows you the pitch of the note that you sing in the form of a curve on the screen which supperpose to notes of the melody. You then see if you sing in tune or if you are below or above the note you want to reach. You just have to adjust your voice so that it is at the correct height. The repetition of this training will allow your ear to distinguish properly the pitch of what you sing and you will learn to sing in tune.


  • Real-time analysis of the pitch of the voice
  • Graphical display of the pitch
  • MIDI player and display of the melody on the same graph
  • Horizontal and vertical zoom
  • Display of the lyrics when they are included in the MIDI file (karaoke)
  • Freeze mode to review the entire performance
  • Recording of the voice into a wav file
  • Display of the height of the voice in Hertz and in notes (A, B, C, ...)
  • Microphone level control
  • Display of the low part of the voice spectrum
  • Offset of the melody and accompaniment by semitones
  • Offset of the display by full octave of the melody
  • Preview of the melody notes to come
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