by Bernard Chavonnet
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File Size: 2.15 MB
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Demo version lets you browse only the first partition of your Akai cdroms.

System Requirements:

64 MB RAM, 10 MB Disk space, audio card

Last Updated: 2006-07-05
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

CDXtract is based on a very sophisticated and robust architecture that is fully object-oriented. Most of the high level functions required to work on sampler files are directly implemented in the Kernel and accessible to any format that needs to use it. The advantage of this architecture is that the same code is not duplicated again and again, moreover it increases the overal reliability. One example is the support of alternate loops that are available in some hardware samplers but not in any software samplers so far. Each sample read by CDXtract is handled by a special object called a "Virtual Sample", this Virtual Sample is responsible for providing audio data to any other components. If this sample has an alternate loop then the Virtual sample object will emulate its looping mode and will provide audio data accordingly which means that the player and all the converters don't have to deal with this alternate loop problem, for them it's just a simple forward loop. This guarantee that an alternate loop will always be perfectly converted whatever the destination format is.

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