CellSynth with ReWire 1.7
by Living Memory
(Living Memory Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 2.9 MB
License Conditions:

Registration Fee US $95 - The Step and Automation Sequencers are disabled when using an unregistered copy.

System Requirements:

350MHz G3/G4 or better running OS 9.1

Last Updated: 2002-04-01
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

CellSynth is a soft synth, MP3 and AIFF sample player, DSP processor, step & automation sequencer all in one production tool which outputs stereo CD quality audio to your Mac.

The Step Sequencer Cell provides a simple sequencer with up to 16 patterns each with up to 32 steps. It can be used to output modulation and/or MIDI notes. The CellSynth Matrix can run several Step Sequencer Cells simultaneously.

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CellSynth - top kit!

What an unexpected find - a fantastic, do-it-all synth, sequencer and sample player that hides massive power begind an easy interface. It's stable and responsive and very impressive. Market this thing!

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