Cherry Picker v2.62
by Robert Martin
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Requires OSX 10.3 or higher

Last Updated: 2005-09-28
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Software Description

CherryPicker is an essential utility for auditioning, editing and converting synthesizer patchfiles, especially in conjunction with MOTU's Digital Performer 4.

CherryPicker allows you to:

  • Create customized banks that mix patches from any bank in your synth, and have the new banks appear in Digital Performer 4's popup lists. This means that you can translate your old FreeMIDI patch lists, complete with all customizations you may have done, to DP4/OSX, and all categories will be preserved.
  • Read and edit patchfiles in OMS, FreeMIDI, and midnamXML formats
  • Write patch files to FreeMIDI and midnamXML formats
  • Audition patches using MIDI files or looped midi tracks in DigitalPerformer
  • Manage note name lists
  • Open expansion card patchfiles, and simply drag and drop the banks you want into your synth's patchfile
  • and much moreā€¦

New in this version:

  • A couple of minor bugs fixed

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Audio Midi product list

I've just re-hooked up my Proteus 2000 w/protozoa after several years and several computer changes. My problem is that Proteus 2000 w/Protozoa doesn't appear in my Audio Midi product menu. Last time I used it (in the dim dark past), it did appear on the product menu, and it produced an excellent patch list within DP, grouping all the pianos, basses, organs, drums, percussion etc. Is there a way for me to reproduce that now with my present setup? I'm using Audio MIDI Setup 3.0.2. Hope you can help.



Patchlists of Korg M50 for DP 7

Recently I bought a music workstation Korg M50. This module does not appear in the drop down menu within the MIDI studio setup in using DP 7. (I run Mac OS 10.6) . Can anyone tell me where I can find the patch files to be used in DP 7 midi setup or tell me how to create a new patch files by cherry picker?

Need a midman file for Mac!

I have a korg TR-61 keyboard I need a midman file for Mac I downloaded the software but see no instructions how to used it. I am now using protools 8.01

Korg Module


I have a Korg SG-Rack. This module does not appear in the drop down menu within the MIDI studio setup. (I run Mac OS 10.4.8 and use DP 5.1.) A Korg rep emailed me a .txt file for the SGproX keyboard. (He told me that the keyboard patches are identical to the SG-Rack unit.) Is there any way to use Cherry Picker and this .txt file and create an entry within the studio setup? If needed, I could email the .txt file to you.




I am not sure if you still need it but I recently constructed a patchlist for the Korg SG-Rack I would be glad to send you free. Its strange that MOTU neglected to include it with the Audio/MIDI set up, isn't it? Nevertheless, I used Cherry Picker and it works fine when you stick in the Library > Audio > MIDI Devices > MOTU > Korg folder. I am using DP 6.02. Perhaps you have already conquered this and then can show me how to set up a patch list for the PERFORMANCES in the SG-Rack!

Warm regards,



Need to be able to access patchlists from my external midi modules so their patchlists can be read in Logic Pro. Can anyone tell me where to find this or maybe someone could give me step by step directions.

Thanks Phil

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