Chord King
by Paul Scheifley
(Paul Scheifley Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 23.3 MB
Price: USD 20
License Conditions:

License to use this software on one computer. The trial version is fully functional (except the Jazz Modes are omitted). And the chord and scale selections are very limited.

System Requirements:

Chord King will display correctly on a 1280x800 screen resolution and above. Minimum 2GB ram (4GB ram suggested). 
Designed for macOSX 1.4 , 1.5 and 1.6 (Snow Leopard) Intel and Universal Binary.

Last Updated: 2010-09-14
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Chord King displays and plays chords, scales and modes. 

Chord King was designed to allow you to play both chords and scales on the same screen. The idea of seeing and hearing them together leads to a primary discovery of the basic function of music. 

Chord King is a repository for the basic elements, chords, scales and modes.

It gives you easy and intuitive access to over 10,000 chords and over 1,000 scales. 

You can view and hear all chords and scales on the guitar fretboard, the piano, the clef, and the tablature box. And have a full explanation to the origin of each chord and scale at all times in the information areas. 

The upper portion of the program window switches views. From the chord database to the tablature box, to the scale selection box, to the Musical Alphabet. 

There is an optional 88 key piano view at the bottom of the program window which reacts to every facet of the program. 

The main program window shows two guitar fretboards. One for scales and one for chords. 

Chord King is built around an octave view. The notes that appear on the fretboards and piano are determined by the notes on the clef. This enforces the idea of reading from the clef. The tablature box for chords gives an arpeggio and for scales gives a basic interpretation of the scale. 

Chords are found by the main menu. And can be displayed by chord type or by Key. 

Scales are found in four places.

The mode buttons, the scale box on the upper portion of the program window and two dedicated scale utilities. 

Everything you enter into the program can be played ascending and descending across the full range of octaves of an 88 key piano. 

You have control of all chord and scale instrument sound, volume and tempo settings. 

Included 14 utility programs:

  • Chord Substitution: A listing of the usual chord substitutions that you can play as chord progressions in every key. The seven primary chords with 43 substutites, including the tri-tone substitutes.
  • Chord Maker: Make your own chord boxes and save them.
  • Chord Finder: Find chords with just a click or two and hear them play as you do. Great for exploring the concept of voice moving.
  • All Scales: Maybe not all, but over 1000 of them.
  • World Scale Listing: A scale listing distributed over the world map.
  • Chord Formula: Find the formula of a chord.
  • Chord Inversions: Play chord inversions by octave for all the natural keys.
  • Poly Chords: A playable polytonal chord listing.
  • Major Composer: Major Composer has a playable list of 73 diatonic chords for every major key. The ultimate chord progressions machine.
  • Minor Composer: Minor Composer has a playable list of 73 diatonic chords for every minor key. Another ultimate chord progressions machine.
  • The Cycle: A playable major and minor Cycle of Fouths and Fifths.
  • Alternate Tunings: Four alternate tunings presented in all natural keys with each of the seven primary chords represented. (D7, E, G1, G2)
  • Practice Scales: Just the usual Practice Scales. 24 ascending and descending - 2 or 3 octave scales with fingerings. (48 scales total)
  • Arpeggio Master: All the Arpeggios you could ever want. 17 roots - 53 types - 3 octaves - 24 frets over 6000 playable arpeggios.
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