Chroma player v2007.2
by Mirailabs
(Mirailabs Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 3.6 MB
License Conditions:

Registration: US$22.00

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.2 or later

Last Updated: 2007-07-04
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Software Description

Chroma is a movie player for playing feature movies, no matter if it's DVDs, MPEG, QuickTime, DivX AVI's, XviD or Windows Media files.

It contains optimized codecs for MPEG4, DivX, XviD, 3ivx and MS-MPEG4. It plays QuickTime movies. It plays Windows Media WMV's with Flip4Mac's components. It does AVI subtitles. It plays DVDs. It has windowed, fullscreen and overlay presentations.

This is not a ported application or front end for some command line tool; Chroma is a from ground up a 100% native Mac OS X application that looks and feels like a Mac application should. It's built on the QuickTime media library with its excellent audio synchronisation and full support for all QuickTime movies and QuickTime codec plug-ins.

New in v2007.2

  • Several new MPEG4 derived codecs
  • Subtitle font selection
  • Subtitle default text encoding
  • Subtitles with right-to-left text improved
  • VobSub and Vplayer subtitles
  • Multi-screen handling improved
  • Anamorphic movies
  • Audio codec search
  • Doubleclick enters fullscreen
  • CoreVideo mis-detected
  • More Altivec acceleration
  • Recognizes files ending in .part
  • .xvid movies
  • Tested against recent third-party components
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