Chromatia Tuner v4.0
by FMJ-Software
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Trial version has a nag screen and requires restarting once in a while.

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Last Updated: 2016-04-29
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Software Description

Featured in's Guide to the Best Acoustic Guitar Tuners

Turn your computer into an advanced reference quality instrument tuner.

  • Works with almost any instrument.

  • Standalone, 32-bit VST and 64-bit VST plug-in versions included.

  • Range of 9+ octaves (C0..C9 for sine waves - may be smaller for complex sounds).

  • Accuracy of better than 0.1 Hz up to ~C8.

  • Supports lots of different temperaments and scales.

  • Add your own custom scales and temperaments.

  • Low-latency audio supporting WASAPI, ASIO and DirectSound.

  • "Auto" and "Manual" note selection modes.

  • "Tone" option for reference signal.

  • Real-time spectrum analyzer graph.

  • Full screen mode.

  • "Report" dialog for creating a table of measurements (useful for instrument makers).

  • Optional calibration of ambient noise level, microphone type and line-noise filtering.

  • Optional MIDI I/O: Select note using a MIDI keyboard or transmit detected notes.

  • Optional MIDI I/O: Send/receive MIDI Tuning Standard messages.

New v4.0: VST-versions, improved usability, better note detection, scale visualization and more.

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Please help me !

When I hear a singer whom hit a high note on internet .I want to know how to mearsure that high note .How can I measure it ? Please help me !Thanks


Bogus shareware: shuts itself down after 15 minutes, which is not enough time to really evaluate. So it's: pay for it, THEN evaluate it.

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