Compas Flamenco Metronome v4.1
by Gerhard Graf-Martinez
(Gerhard Graf-Martinez Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 3.4 MB
Price: EUR 24.5
License Conditions:

10 second periodic delay.

System Requirements:

Quicktime Player 7 or higher. min. G5, Mac OS X 10.4. Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and Lion only with Quicktime 7

Last Updated: 2011-08-17
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Software Description

Neither magic nor mysteries. Flamenco is a structured music with many stiles and genres - but whose mechanisms may be learned. With the didactic software created by the Flamenco guitar teacher and award winning Flamenco author Gerhard Graf-Martinez the seemingly difficult rhythms will suddenly become comprehensible and transparent. Learn how to clap rhythmically in the Flamenco styles, how to play the rhythms on the flamenco guitar.

The metronome comes packed with features including preset practice time structures including the ever complicated twelve beat. Also it comes with a three, six and four count which for using it as a usually metronome. With a giant clock used to tick away the beat count it would greatly benefit all those looking to polish their Flamenco rhythm understanding.

Demo video:

New in v4.1

  • Compatible with OS X Lion (10.7)

New in v4.0

  • Compatible with OS X Snow Leopard
  • Completely rewritten
  • Better performance
  • Optimized for Quicktime 7.6 or higher
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