Composite 0.006.2
by Gabriel Beddingfield
(Gabriel Beddingfield Website)

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LV2 Host

Last Updated: 2011-08-02
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

Composite is becoming a system for real-time, in-performance sequencing, sampling, and looping.

It has a strong emphasis on the needs of live performance improvisation. It is built around the Tritium audio engine, which includes LV2 plugins and developer libraries.

Composite's current status is as follows:

composite-gui: Alpha (i.e. "a broken version of Hydrogen")
composite_sampler (LV2): production/stable, no GUI
libTritium: not a public API, yet


To use the plugin, you need the following:

* A program (host) that loads LV2 plugins.
* A MIDI controller.
* An audio output device. :-)

The following LV2 hosts are known to work with this plugin:

ardour3 (alpha)

If you don't have a hardware MIDI controller, I suggest using
jack-keyboard (

Related MIDI Equipment:
Check out our low-cost MIDI Keyboard Roundup - These are great for recording MIDI to your sequencer

New in v0.006.2

  • LV2 Sampler: Fix logic error with uri-map by passing the Event URI as the `map` parameter. This also works around crashes in slv2 and zynjacku (which is a bug on their part).

New in v0.006.1

  • Fix FTBFS: t_AudioPort test missing link to QtCore
  • Fix FTBFS Song.cpp: Replace using of QString(int) with QString(const char*)
  • LV2 Sampler: Initialize QCoreApplication
  • LV2 Sampler: Fix crash by moving Logger instance to module level
  • LV2 Sampler: Check LV2 Event types and add extension meta-data
  • tests: t_AudioPort had a degenerate test
  • tests: t_SeqScript now passes (was failing as dev reminder)
  • Replace -lQtCore with ${QT_LIBRARIES} in build system
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