OneShot Recorder v2.0
by Devine Machine Software
(Devine Machine Software Website)

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System Requirements:

VST host application.

Last Updated: 2009-01-20
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Software Description

OneShot Recorder allows you to record/sample, normalize, reorder, detect MIDI note and save/export your audio stream automatically. Instead of recording in your DAW or sound editor and then edit/export, O.S.R will do everything automatically.

OSR is suited for any kind of recording, or sampling session. Multi-sampling is made easy using MIDI input selection. Automated MIDI external hardware multi-sampling can be automated.

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  • VST Effect, just insert in your FX chain to record.
  • 128 Slots for record , MIDI triggerable, AUTO advance after each hit record.
  • Advanced 2 thresholds system (GATE and TRIG), for lossless recordings.
  • Export with extra info on pitch (32 bit wav file format, any samplerate).
  • Normalizing functions.
  • Reorder functions by: PEAK, RMS, LENGTH, DATE, NOTE.
  • MagicSens: a new powerful way to capture the right hit.
  • 131072 FFT band analyse for note detection.
  • Detected MIDI note written as info in exported wav file.

New in v2.0

  • New features: Decay knob control.
  • New features: Drag and drop to host or to OS of recorded sounds.
  • New features: AIFF support.
  • New features: 16/24 bit selection.
  • New features: Automatic Reorder of recorded samples (peak, RMS, length, date, and note) greatly optimized.

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Why cant you!

Why cant you make a complete sampler out of this?

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