DOT-TUNES v4.2.0 b41
by Wham Dot
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System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.2 or higher, iTunes 6.0 or higher

Last Updated: 2009-04-26
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Software Description

DOT-TUNES is an iTunes web server to share your compositions and remote control for AirTunes via any web device

you can control your iTunes/AirTunes from anywhere in your house. Simply open a web browser to see all your iTunes tracks and click any track to play it through your home AirTunes network.

You can also use DOT-TUNES to share your own original compositions with others accross the internet via any web browser. Of course you can not share your Music Store purchased tracks accross the net but you can now easily share your original GarageBand compositions. This is not P2P software and never connects you to a central network - it's quite the opposite. In fact within DOT-TUNES you can create usernames and passwords so that only authorised users can access and listen to your tracks.

DOT-TUNES was conceived by a group of professional musicians who use iTunes for storing their own copyright music and recordings and who wanted to be able to easily demonstrate their work to clients and to share 'works in progress' and other original compositions with others.

New in vv4.2.0 b41

  • New XML Imported is at least 10 times faster
  • New GUI - finally the DOT.TUNES Logo is removed from the main app window
  • Enhanced, redesigned Plugin Manager
  • Optimized php support via the API Plugin
  • New Toolbar provides quick access to key features
  • New iTunes sync button on the new toolbar allows for a manual re-sync anytime without relaunching
  • New Auto Sync via the Sync Plugin is now built-in and no longer requires our separate Sync App
  • Redesigned Preferences Window with Toolbar
  • New User Accounts management via Preferences Window
  • Fixed Publishing glitches resulting in tracks not being published

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Streaming original HD entertainment content

What about specially produced feature length videos? I'm hoping to find a reliable method of streaming (non-porno) HD entertainment content made specifically for the internet by our production company.

Please advise if this is now technically possible for independent producers? If Apple can do it with studio pictures - some of which we produced - in high-quality iTunes .mv4/H264 why can't anyone? Just asking... I've got a new 90 minute docu-comedy in post-production. Also, is it possible to encode 5.1 audio??

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