DQ1 Dynamic Equaliser v1.0
by Sonalksis
(Sonalksis Website)

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VST/AU host application

Last Updated: 2004-10-20
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Software Description

The DQ1 dynamic-equaliser is a versatile processing tool that can be used for precision sculpting, creative moulding, ambient enhancement or restoration.

Dynamic equalisation allows frequency sculpting beyond the limits of standard 'static' equalisers, by linking the user-defined frequency response to the audio signal level; thus frequency imbalances can be corrected psychacoustically, altering an equalisation curve dynamically on the basis of programme loudness.


  • 4 independent bands of sophisticated yet intuitive dynamic filter control
  • High quality minimum phase 'true analogue' filters using Sonalksis 'State-space' physical model
  • Zero latency: absolutely no internal delay whatsoever
  • Each band is switchable between dynamic or standard 'static' mode
  • 64bit floating point internal precision throughout
  • Ultra efficient processing, with specific optimisations for native processors
  • Up to 192 kHz support
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