DXi FM synthesizer v3.3.4
by Takashi Mizuhiki
(Takashi Mizuhiki Website)

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Requires iOS 4.2 or later. Runs on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch

Last Updated: 2012-09-24
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

DXi is a FM synthesizer application inspired by the 80's most popular FM synthesizer.

It's quite easy to use with an intuitive interface that will make your hair go curly and have you running down the shop to buy a pink fluorescent shirt in no time!


  • 4 operators FM synthesizer
  • 8 algorithms
  • Envelope, frequency (Ratio or Fixed) can be set each operators.
  • Feedback control on operator number 4.
  • 2 master effects (LPF with Resonance and Delay)
  • Import/Export function to save the tone you created. (URL schema text string format)
  • Audio recording function. And you can transport recorded audio file, .wav, onto Mac/PC via iTunes file sharing.
  • Clipboard audio sharing support. You can export recorded waveform to other application via clipboard. It's compatible with Intua's clipboard.

Changes in v3.3.4

  • Added new 45 preset voices.
  • Extended max tempo of the sequencer.
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