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Operating System: Mac
File Size: 5.9 MB
License: Demonstration (All Demo software)
License Conditions:
System Requirements:

Mac OS 8.0 or higher; PPC 604e 250 MHz; 32 MB RAM; MIDI Keyboard

Last Updated: 2003-10-31
For more detail about software : Software Description



Software Description


  • 32-Bit Realtime Synthesis
  • Sample rates: 22.05 kHz to 132.3 kHz
  • Maximum of Instruments each Ensemble: 16
  • Maximum of Voices each Instrument: 64
  • 128 Snapshots je Instrument
  • Full MIDI-Controlling (In/Out)
  • Audio recording and WAV file Export
  • Synthesis: Analog Modelling, Waveshaping, FM-, Waveset-, Granular-Synthesis, Sampling

Integrates perfectly into your studio via VST 2.0, ASIO, Digidesign DirectConnect and the Logic MIDI-environment.

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